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Dough Dough Bird Baking

Julie Goding grew up with one hand in the cookie jar.

Her family events revolved around food, especially baked goods. Like any good little helper, Julie started out in the kitchen at a young age. It was there she discovered she had a major passion (read: obsession) for mixing dough and tweaking recipes until she got the perfect result. 

She continued this pursuit of baked good perfection into adulthood, making so many cookies she started giving them to coworkers, family and friends. Her gingerbread cookies quickly became everyone’s favorite – they were so popular, she started getting requests for them year-round. 

This inspired Goding to leave her career in graphic design and follow her life-long dream to become a pastry chef. So, in 2010, she enrolled in the French Pastry School's L'Art de la Patisserie program in Chicago. After four more years experimenting and making more cookies than she knew what to do with, she founded Dough Dough Bird Baking Company.

The mission? To actually make those gingerbread cookies available year-round!

And we’re dough glad they are.