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Cow Bell

Cow Bell Winery, located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, was created by winemaker and distiller Tad Seestedt, the indie luminary behind Ransom Wine & Spirits!

The name Cow Bell is an homage to the cowboys and early settlers of the American West where regions, like Oregon’s Willamette Valley, exhibit a climate suited to both cattle grazing and viticulture. The area is famous for turning out some of the best Pinot varietals in the States. Cow Bell’s Pinot Gris is no exception – golden-hued, fragrant and juicy, it’s round on the palate with clean, bright, vibrant notes of green apple and ripe lemon. 

Tad proudly claims a production philosophy that values “historicity, craftsmanship and terroir.” He places emphasis on old vines, high elevation sites, pristine fruit and finished wines that are balanced, delicate and compelling.