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Brooks Winery

Portland native Jimi Brooks followed his love of history, beauty and wine and ended up in – where else? –  Beaujolais, France, where he briefly settled into learning the hard work of winemaking.

When Jimi returned to Oregon in 1998 with his newfound knowledge (and probably very red lips), he discovered a burgeoning wine world. He decided to devote the rest of his life to holistic farming and winemaking in the Eola-Amity Hills, an area in the Willamette Valley. And thus Brooks Winery was founded.

The Hills are known for higher altitudes and ocean winds that blow through the Van Duzer Corridor. When the resulting fruit (technically berries in this case) of these conditions are paired with a master winemaker’s hand, you get especially complex, balanced Rieslings and Pinot Noirs – two of Brooks' specialties.

While Jimi is no longer making the wines himself, his strong commitment to biodynamic farming, gentle approach to winemaking and excitement for the Willamette Valley lives on. His longtime friend and winemaking pal, Chris Williams, continues to make Brooks’ wines using Jimi’s recipes, and the winery is now owned by Jimi’s son, Pascal, and Jimi’s sister.

Yes, it’s a big fat family affair, and that’s how Brooks’ wines are meant to be enjoyed – with those you love.