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What’s old is new again. But you know that. 

Jason Enos and Chris Fitzgerald founded Brack Mountain Wine Company in Sonoma’s Russian River Valley in 2008 with the shared belief that time-honored techniques could make something better than what we’ve adjusted to in our hasty times. That’s not to say that the duo eschewed innovation entirely though. Jason’s 25-year background in building businesses coupled with Chris’s experience founding a creative consulting firm gave them the vision and know-how necessary to start a very different kind of wine company – one that now includes 15 brands from some of California’s most illustrious winemaking regions at price points accessible to all.

Tapping Dan Fitzgerald as their winemaker was another smart move. The Northern California native began his winemaking career in Sonoma, then spent a few years “harvest hopping” across hemispheres before settling in Europe for 13 years where winemakers, for the most part, practice sustainable farming, minimal intervention and natural fermentation. This cemented his love for making (and drinking!) balanced, lower-alcohol, acidity-focused wines made for food.

He returned home eager to bring this Old World style to New World wine. Brack Mountain’s entire lineup, including their best-selling Bench label that offers Pinot Noir priced just right for a meal with friends (no small feat with a wine that hasn’t budged from the spotlight in more than a decade), puts the food with which it’s paired up on a pedestal. 

By sourcing grapes from multigenerational farmers in Sonoma County, Napa Valley, Anderson Valley, Santa Lucia Highlands and other cool, coastal regions and then centralizing and streamlining the winemaking process, Brack Mountain Wines take us on a whirlwind tour of California with the click of the mouse. 

Here’s to old and new living in harmony!      

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