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Bees' Needs

Mary Woltz was keeping bees for the The Hamptons Honey Company, and then was inspired to start her own business with just 100 hives. As she puts it, "Honestly the bees taught me everything I know. The name 'Bees' Needs' reflects the need of the honey bees for their own honey, because often in commercial operations the bees' honey is removed, and the bees are fed sugar water or high fructose corn syrup. My goal is to always care for the bees’ needs first. I take whatever surplus they produce to sell." 

And the results have TWICE captured top honors at the Good Food Awards (GFA).  The GFA recognize not only the tastiest honeys, but also judge sustainability and social responsibility.

Mary believes bees have been taken for granted for a long time. "Not until bees started to disappear and get sick that people said, 'Oops, they are important.' It is at our peril. We have treated them so poorly. We have taken their generosity for granted. It has gotten to the point where we are damaging and threatening their well being in how we keep and treat them." 

Mary likes to talk about the innately gentle nature of bees. Apparently it's US who fears them, but they're actually pretty un-aggressive (unlike the wasp). They only sting as a last ditch defensive move, and the males don't even HAVE a stinger. 

Mary provides us two seasonal offerings of this amazingly pure, sweet and fragrant honey, which her bees produce in 14 different locations on Long Islands’ South Fork.