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Bariani Olive Oil

Olive oil: it's an old standby. A classic. So is the Bariani family – they go way back. The roots of their family business go back to the 100-year-old olive orchard in Zamora, California that the family purchased in 1989, after closing a successful construction business. In 1992 the Barianis began producing olive oil for personal use, but with his background in metal work, Angelo Bariani figured he'd go ahead and build a press and crusher to make small batches of oil. Soon enough, with the encouragement of friends and family, the Barianis turned it into their own olive oil company.

The Bariani's also have a family connection to the Northern Italian region of Lombardy, their ancestral home, which also happens to be the home of some of the finest white truffles in the world. So it wasn't very long before they decided that they should source white truffles and produce a white truffle oil they'd actually want to use (no easy task).

Santa and Angelo Bariani, along with their sons Sebastian, Enrico, Emanuele and Luigi, take special care through the entire extraction process, from the tending of the orchard to the bottling of the oil, and always focus on quality over quantity. They combine green and black olives as well as oils of the Manzanillo and Mission olives to get a balanced, everyday oil. In harvest season, from October through the end of December, the Barianis harvest and press olives daily. Good thing, too, because we don't want to run out of white truffle oil anytime soon!