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Baja Precious

"Our brand is centered on the notion that healthy living and gourmet cooking go hand-in-hand with environmental awareness and strong social conscience," explains Javier Livas, founder of Mexiterra. "Our olives are harvested by hand from orchards in the Peninsula of Baja California, creating jobs for local communities. The olives are cold pressed within hours of harvesting without heat or chemicals. We wanted a package that would protect our olive oil, our planet and provide an unmatched value proposition for our customers, without compromising our gourmet roots." 

The Peninsula of Baja California is a predominantly mountainous landmass in northwestern Mexico that separates the Pacific Ocean on the west from the Sea of Cortez on its eastern coastline. It's a winter getaway destination, but what most people do not know is that certain areas of Baja present ideal growing conditions for the olive tree and the production of extra virgin olive oil due to the Mediterranean climate (warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool winters). Many olive groves are nestled in remote valleys that receive just the right amount of sunlight year-round. In fact, the best olive growing areas in Baja California have a climate that is reminiscent of that in Sicily or southern Greece.