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Awesome Bars

Granola bars can be kind of blah. But we've learned they really don't have to be!  

The Melnik sisters teamed up to run their own San Francisco, California-based handcrafted granola bar company, and they were determined that the bars they made would be nothing short of awesome. 

The "attitude of awesome" runs through the whole company, from the bold, visually tasty packaging to the unique combos of high-quality, all natural ingredients the sisters insist on using, like Salty Peanut, Blueberry Almond and Coconut Pecan. But maybe most importantly, the sisters' attitude toward living life awesomely shines through in their bars – which has made them quite the hit in their hometown and beyond. It doesn't hurt that the bars have no preservatives, all natural ingredients, lots of passion and an essential layer of dark chocolate. 

That attitude's been around for a while – it's the same one that led Leah Melnik to run a marathon back in 2008. But during training, she couldn't help but notice how not-awesome all the granola bars were. Naturally, she started making her own, combining her culinary background with her newfound love of fresh, slow food. In 2010, she recruited her sister Stephanie to help her make more bars en masse to sell, in order to raise funds for a car for her personal chef business. By December 2011, the bar business had taken on a life of its own – when the girls received 65 orders for holiday gift boxes after they sent out an e-mail blast, they decided to try and take their company to the next level. 

When they debuted their bars at San Francisco's Underground Market, they noticed that most people who tasted their bars reacted in the same way: "Mmm, awesome!" Soon enough, with sister Melissa heading up their design, dad as their business consultant, and friends Autumn and Annie assisting, Awesome Bars were born. 

It's a story that proves that if you put awesomeness out into the world, awesome things will come to you.