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Andre's Confiserie Suisse

Three generations of Swiss confiseurs (French for someone who makes candies and other sweets) have made André’s one of America’s premier chocolatiers since 1955.

It all started when master Konditor-Confiseur André Bollier and his wife, Elsbeth, immigrated from Basel, Switzerland, to Kansas City in June 1955. Their dream was to bring Swiss confections to America – the sort of high-quality stuff that, previously, you could only find in Europe.

Over the years the business expanded and a Tea Room was added, and in the 1970s, when the chocolate craze hit the U.S., the sales of chocolate and candies exploded. To keep up with demand, another shop was added, and in 1974, the business was handed down to André and Elsbeth’s son, Marcel, and his wife Connie. Now, the business is in its third generation, run by Marcel’s son René (named after his grandfather!).

René knew he wanted to be a confiseur since he was in kindergarten (once, he even announced it to his class!), just like his father and grandfather. He grew up apprenticing by their sides, and spent time training in Switzerland to learn more secrets of the trade. 

Today, Andrés is recognized as one of the best chocolatiers in the country, and for good reason. The confections are refined and sweet, and made in small-batches, always by hand.

We especially love their Dark Chocolate Mint Leaves, which are some of the most elegant pieces of chocolate we’ve ever come across. Each thin leaf is made with premium Swiss dark chocolate and filled with a delicate mint butter center, making for the perfect holiday treat.

Not to mention that drop-dead gorgeous, totally gift-worthy packaging!