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Aida Crackers from New York, NYAida was born in the kitchen at Lois, a wine bar on New York's Lower East Side where all the wines are on tap. (Another name for the Lower East Side? Loisaida. Lois-Aida. Get it?)

Phoebe Connell and Nora O’Malley were longtime friends when they started Lois (they originally met in high school in Cleveland, OH). The wine bar was one of the first spots in New York that served “keg wine” (or wine on tap), and their approach to a modern wine bar – that drinking wine should be accessible, and that trying lots of different kinds of wine shouldn’t require too much commitment – was refreshing. That same ethos carried over into Lois’s tiny kitchen, where Phoebe created a handful of easy-to-enjoy snacks, from cheese plates to candied nuts, that customers could enjoy with their drinks.

Soon, people were coming to Lois for the snacks as much as the wines. And Phoebe and Nora heard the clamor of voices requesting snacks to go – and recognized the opportunity to bring their food to a wider audience. They adapted some of Lois’s bestsellers, like their sourdough flatbread, which became a sourdough cracker. Some, like their Currant Turmeric Crisps, were already perfect for packaging.

And that packaging! Graphic, colorful and almost too pretty to ruin by opening the box…but we know that it’s what’s inside that really counts (and tastes so good).