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You can imagine a nervous groom working on his vows up to the minute before he says, “I do,” but what about on his cutting boards?

Brooklyn-based Amy Stringer-Mowat and Bill Mowat first met at Amy’s birthday party in 2004 when both were getting their Masters in Architecture at Columbia University and got married six years later. While planning their wedding, the pair came up with a cute idea to serve cheese on Mr. & Mrs. cutting boards shaped like their home states (hers = Connecticut, his = Michigan). Bill was tasked with the fabrication of the boards and crossed it off his to-do list...the morning of their big day. (Talk about a race to the altar!)

None the wiser, their guests went crazy for the boards – so much so that the couple started an AHeirloom Etsy shop later that year with all 50 states represented. Then, a December 2010 feature in Real Simple magazine led to 3,500 cutting boards being ordered in three weeks, all to be fulfilled in time for holiday gift-giving. It was safe to say that the Mowats had a legit manufacturing business on their very busy newlywed hands – and that they work especially well under pressure! A few years later, they added a small line of housewares (think muddlers and cake stands and reusable skewers), all crafted with the same philosophy. “The pieces are designed to be cherished and passed down – to engage those who use them and resonate with each use.”

While Amy and Bill hope that the cutting boards serve as reminders of where you came from (or where you’d like to be), the other housewares are no less sentimental. Many come with the option to personalize with initials or other engravings, and the quality of the design, materials and manufacturing techniques add a timelessness that doesn’t come with most kitchen tools.

To have and to hold, in good times (and sometimes in the nick of time), this was a fruitful collaboration designed in the stars and fabricated right here on earth. Timing is everything.