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Aaron Burr Cidery

Watch out, wine! The founders and cider makers at Aaron Burr Cider are determined to revive America's cider culture, calling it "America's original table wine." 

This belief in the essentialness and elegance of cider is the foundation of Aaron Burr Cider – and considering that the farm has been around since the early 19th century, it's an idea they've earned the right to believe in.

Located in Wurtsboro, New York, this small homestead farm takes a holistic approach to recreating the cider of yore, using local, foraged cider-apples (prized for their superior complex, nuanced flavor), many of which come from the apple trees of very old, abandoned orchards, planted in America's infancy. The hardy apples survived centuries in the woods, and cidery owner Andy Brennan believes that the original glory of cider will as well. 

Ironically, Andy's inspiration for the company was much less lofty than the ideals it has come to represent. Right around the time of the 2007 market crash, Andy and his wife Polly discovered the wild array of gorgeous cider apples growing in the woods behind their upstate home. Andy also realized he was too broke to afford to drink beer. Homemade cider was both a solution and an opportunity. He began brewing cider in his basement in 2008, using just the basics.

By 2010 he'd jumped through the legal and technical hoops necessary for commercial production, and soon after his cider began garnering accolades nationwide. Nowadays, Brennan's Aaron Burr cider is still made in the back of his barn, with just him and Polly at the helm. They spend their days foraging apples (while Andy isn't busy with his side-gig as a woodworking designer), letting nature lead the way and identifying apples only by their location – lending their cider an authenticity and terroir that's made it a hot ticket at all sorts of high-end NYC restaurants. 

The original Aaron Burr lived during cider's heyday. With Aaron Burr Cider, Andy's set out to reclaim cider's crown and pride of place at the American dinner table.