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A. Bauer's Mustard

A. Bauer’s has been family owned and operated since 1888, when August Bauer sold hand-crafted mustards from his shop in Queens, New York. His sons, Fred and Rudy, would deliver jars of the stuff to local delis. Fred’s son, Fred Bauer Jr., joined the company when he returned from World War II and later led all mustard-making efforts with his sister, Marie Bauer Druery.

More than 120 years later, Bart J. Druery IV (grandson of Marie) upholds the legacy of this spicy brown condiment. The original mustard earned the gold medal at the 1931 International Fancy Food Exposition and placed first in Food Distribution Magazine’s Mustard Mania in 1997. Plus, you can catch a jar in a supporting role with Tom Selleck in an episode of CBS’s “Blue Bloods”!