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The Date Lady

Coleen Sundlie loves date syrup with the passion of a convert. She first tasted the sticky-sweet syrup while living for a short stint with her family in the United Arab Emirates. She'd been shopping for an iron source for her year-old son when some local ladies recommended a daily spoonful of date syrup. It was win-win, because the syrup tasted so good that Coleen went crazy with it, using it when baking instead of sugar, even stirring it into her morning coffee. When she returned to the U.S., she couldn't find any, so she decided to find a farm she could trust and start selling it herself. 

When sacks of dates are stacked, they naturally weep a syrup. This is one of the first recorded sweeteners in history, healthier than other sugars, because dates are so high in potassium, copper, magnesium and vitamin B-6. Did you know a serving of dates has more potassium than bananas?

The Date Lady's dates are imported from a USDA certified organic farm in Tunisia, although she hopes to source them locally by early 2014. They are then pressed, heated and filtered without the addition of any water or sugar. 

Drenching pancakes in syrup that actually makes them healthier? We're converts, too. 

Why certified organic?

There is no limit to the amount of chemicals, or fertilizers that might be used in a conventional product, especially when sourced from overseas. Even "regulated" processes are hard to keep regulated. I like my food pure and so it was a simple decision to want to provide the same for others.

Favorite time to break out the syrup? 

On french toast or pancakes. I'm a sucker for breakfast!

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