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Three Tarts

They’re both bold, daring, and happen to be brands of candy. But don’t confuse the Three Tarts for the Three Musketeers: the Tarts trio are swashbucklers of sweets, but with an extra dose of style.

Marla D’Urso (“primary Tart”) brought the merry gang together, after opening her own bakery and boutique in New York City in 2006. She called on her pastry pals from her days at NYC’s prestigious Institute of Culinary Education (I.C.E.), Kiyomi Toda-Burke and Sandra Palmer, to embark on a new mission: creating sweet, trendy treats that look as delicious as they taste and aren’t cupcakes. Adopting their nickname from their culinary school days, the Three Tarts opened shop.

They aren’t just tart-y, they’re art-y—all three crossed over to the culinary scene from other creative industries. D’Urso brings interior design expertise to Three Tarts’ range of cute housewares and gifts, Palmer brings a former proofreader’s perfectionist touch, and Kiyomi’s background in fashion ensures the treats are runway ready (after all, we eat with our eyes first).

The Three Tarts are masters of gift-ready treats for the aesthete in your life, like their Raspberry and Vanilla Bean Marshmallows. D’Urso was inspired to create them to rival grittier, chalkier offerings and deemed them “the new cupcakes.” These stylish pastel cubes of flavored, fluffy goodness have struck a pose for cameras from the Today Show to the New York Times (and our very own website!). 

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