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City of Daughters

There’s a unique speakeasy sensation of rule-breaking, antique romance that characterizes City of Daughters’ cocktail goodies. The cheeky, understated elegance that makes their sweet syrups so unmistakably cool can also be found in the owners’ successful East Village cocktail spot Elsa, where creative craft cocktails have playfully dark names like “Death of a Ladies’ Man” and “Invitation to a Beheading.”

It was only after the popular speakeasy had spawned a sister bar in Brooklyn that husband and wife co-owners Jay Schneider and Natalka Burian got it into their heads that the general public might appreciate a way to recreate the Elsa vibe and deliciousness in their own cocktails at home. Teaming up with Jay’s sister Elisabeth, the trio founded City of Daughters, together sourcing the freshest organic ingredients to recreate the products found in their original menu of innovative house cocktails and re-imagined classics.

Turns out, they like being able to take their work home with them. The trio can confirm they verify their products with nearly nightly testing.

Their Rose Hip Grenadine, made in small batches in Brooklyn, New York has now reached distinctly public renown; but the whimsical topless lady art that adorns each bottle is a testament to the freewheeling, subversive, speakeasy ethos that still defines the business.