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Reginald's Homemade

One day, restaurant manager Andrew Broocker came to the realization that he was getting a bit, well, soft around the edges. So right away, he started exercising and watching what he ate. But that didn't mean he shunned foods like peanut butter completely – in fact, he became quite partial to peanuts, especially the Virginia variety. He'd discovered that, in moderation, peanut butter was the ideal protein-rich snack.  

But Andrew was disappointed by the standard grocery store shelf peanut butter offerings, so he did the only logical thing and took matters into his own hands. Andrew found a local peanut farmer and set up a peanut-butter making operation in his mother's Richmond, Virginia kitchen. That's where he first became inspired by the deliciousness of Virginia peanuts, and the experimentation really began. While Andrew's signature recipe is an exercise in restraint (much like the dietetic mindset that inspired it), involving just perfectly roasted peanuts and a smidgen of oil, he soon started pushing the peanut butter limits to improve on the already addictive flavor of simple, straightforward peanut butter. Even with flavors like Apple Sin, Bourbon Pecan and White Chocolate Macademia, Andrew's peanut butters are pure as can be, with no added salt or preservatives (ever!) and only real fruit and natural extracts. So far he's come up with an eye-popping array of unique peanut butter flavors designed to bring out the best in the lovable legume, with textures ranging from Smooth to Crunchy to "Lite Crunch," which is mostly smooth with a pleasant peanut "grit." His peanut butters are delicious, but we love Andrew because he's a true PB lover, through-and-through: and that we can respect.