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Skillet Street Food

Bacon jam. What absolute genius invented such an indispensible item—who are they? How did they pull off such innovation? One taste of this stuff, and you'll want to know too.

Josh Henderson, founder of Skillet Street Food in Seattle, Washington, is the chef lucky enough to have been blessed by the bacon muse with the brilliant idea of Bacon Jam. Now a hugely sought after fan favorite, inspiring product loyalty bordering on the obsessive (understandably so), Bacon Jam has eclipsed its maker in celebrity. 

Josh got his start as a typical culinary school kid, graduating from the Hyde Park campus of the Culinary Institute of America in 1998 and dallying on the restaurant circuit for a while before becoming disenchanted. He still wanted to serve people food, though, so he got entrepreneurial and started a business where he followed photographers around to shoots and served as the caterer. He knew he was into mobile food, but no one could anticipate what would happen next. Soon, he founded Skillet Street Food in a vintage Airstream trailer, an early participant in the “street food movement” taking off across the country. His trailer featured American-inspired food prepared with exceptional, classic technique and seasonal ingredients. Bacon jam emerged as a byproduct of this, and soon stole the spotlight. In the midst of what’s now become The Skillet Group, a group of three restaurants and a catering company, Henderson’s Bacon Jam holds its own. 

Henderson’s a humble guy. He just hopes that, along with his wife Kelli, son Huxley, and pups Lucca and Zola, he can “create business that sustains itself through impeccably executed food, simply done, and regionally relevant.” We just want more Bacon Jam. Forever.

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