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Butter & Scotch

Dessert domination doesn't happen overnight.

Allison Kave first jumped into professional baking after winning a blue ribbon at a pie contest. She didn't have a lot of training, but she did have good advisors – a chef brother and a chocolate-maker mom (Rhonda of Roni-Sue's Chocolates!).

Keavy Landreth first took a summer course at the Culinary Institute of America when she was sixteen years old, then tried her hand as a line cook. She wound up studying design, but worked at bakeries and restaurants throughout school. Her baking became so prolific she had to switch to mini-cupcakes (and waste fewer ingredients), and soon her friends convinced her they were so good, she should start selling them.

So Allison and Keavy were each going it alone in the New York City small-batch world – schlepping their sweet treats from kitchen to customer, devoted to making the best pies and mini-cupcakes that they could make – when their friend Kyle, the manager of Brooklyn Flea, introduced them. In the summer of 2012, Keavy suggested that the two team up to open a brick-and-mortar shop. Over a pitcher (or two) of sangria, a whole new business was launched: Butter & Scotch would combine two of their favorite things, dessert and booze. 

While the happy new team works on plans for a craft cocktail and dessert bar, they're busy churning out awesome treats, like cocktail-inspired caramel corns. They pop non-GMO popcorn with organic coconut oil in a mini-version of a movie-house popper. Then, they make caramel and, once it's dark, stir in liquor and other flavorings, such as Gosling's rum, fresh lime zest and freshly grated ginger for their Dark 'n Stormy popcorn. Finally, they bake the popcorn until crispy and then let it cool. Each batch makes about two dozen bags, which are filled, labeled and dated by hand. (And super cute, we might add!)

Our dreams came true on Saturday, January 24, 2015, when the Drunk Bakers (the dynamic duo's nom de Twitter) finally opened their long-awaited permanent outpost: Butter & Scotch Bakery and Bar, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where you can gorge on things like King Cake infused with Espolon Tequila, and wash it down with even more. Heaven just might be a place on earth. 

Who ultimately inspired you to take the plunge into business? 

Allison: For me it was definitely my mom. She started her artisanal chocolate business six years ago, and my business was completely incubated there. I shared her kitchen, and got so much inspiration from her approach to flavor and craftsmanship. Yes, I'm biased, but she's brilliant!

Keavy: I would also have to say my mother. She’s got the energy (and neurosis) of Martha Stewart, and could eat and drink Anthony Bourdain under the table.

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