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Hot Cakes

"Hot cakes! Geeet your hot cakes!" Yes, it's something a newsboy cap-wearing, peanut-hawking street kid from the 1920's might holler. No, Hot Cakes doesn't actually sell hot cakes (they do sell a molten chocolate cake in a jar, but that's something else entirely). It's just something that maker Autumn Martin started yelling while selling her decadent chocolate creations at the farmers' market one day – not that it took anything other than the seductive aroma of smoked chocolate or gooey vegan caramel to entice customers! 

The origin of the Hot Cakes "Oh, Wow" stamp can also be traced back to the farmers market in Autumn's hometown of Seattle, where the word of Hot Cakes first started to spread. The phrase could be heard like a chant around the Hot Cakes table as people tried Autumn's delectable chocolate treats, and it soon became a barometer of Hot Cakes quality – if it didn't get the "Oh, Wow" stamp of approval, it wasn't good enough to serve. 

All Hot Cakes treats have this stamp, of course – that has something to do with the fact that Autumn Martin is something of a sweets savant. When she was just 21 years old she became the pastry chef at Seattle's acclaimed Canlis restaurant. From there, she dove deep into the world of cacao as head chocolatier at Theo Chocolate. When she brought her "Take-n-Bake Molten Chocolate Cake in a Mason Jar" to a charity dinner, guests "practically fell out of their chairs," Autumn was flooded with orders, and Hot Cakes was born, in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. 

...Not before a four-month stint of organic farming and rock climbing in Spain, though. You can taste Autumn's love of the outdoors and allegiance to her naturally beautiful home state in her desserts. The fourth-generation Washingtonian grew up camping, so it's only natural that campfire smokiness worked its way into her sweets. Her love for the natural world informs her life both inside and outside the kitchen – you can find her rock climbing, snowboarding, surfing and continuing to volunteer on farms when she's not crafting sinful desserts.

Really though, they're not that sinful: Hot Cakes' treats are made with organic ingredients from local farms, something that's incredibly important to Autumn.