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Sweet Revolution

Some people straight-up don’t like caramels. We won’t hesitate to say those people are kinda weird—but we also won’t hesitate to say that even the most hardened caramel haters won’t be able to resist Sweet Revolution’s Toasted Almond Maple Honey Caramels. Seriously, come on: gooey, rich maple-honey laced caramel curled around a crunchy toasted almond. These things mean business. And there’s nothing adulterated about them.

Maker Anastasia Hagerstrom uses only the most all-natural, pure ingredients to create her buttery, chewy, amber-hued cubes of salted deliciousness. An anarchist streak (okay, and an allergy) led Anastasia to rebel against the corn syrup and processed cane sugar that are so ubiquitous to caramels. That rebellious streak lends itself well to caramels, which don’t give in easy—before you can even chew one up, it packs a flavor punch thanks to maple syrup, fresh cream, honey, French sea salt, lemon juice and vanilla bean. Which, we might add, are all entirely local, hand-made and hand–harvested by Brookfield Maple Products in Westfield, Pennsylvania. 

And even the most hardened revolutionary would be impressed by Anastasia’s soft-on-the-environment packaging: caramels are cradled in 100% green, recyclable, compostable, hand-stamped natural Kraft carton boxes tied with decorative string and hand-sealed with hot sealing wax.

Like a true revolutionary, Anastasia stands boldly alone: she’s currently running the US’s only USDA-certified organic salted caramel company. But with caramels like hers, it won’t be too hard to stage a candy coup.

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