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Better Off Spread

Jenny and Jonny, a quintessential Brooklyn couple, loved to experiment in the kitchen with everything from kombucha to hot sauce. Then Jenny got laid off from her job in advertising and decided to turn lemons into lemonade – or in this case, peanuts into peanut butter.

Jenny got her start in New York working at a peanut butter and jelly restaurant in the West Village and Jonny grew up working for his family's Italian food store. The idea to start a super-creative nut butter business felt like destiny and they quickly started brainstorming flavors and testing recipes. Inspiration came from their love of spicy food and ingredient crushes, like Jenny's obsession with Schezuan peppercorns.

Once the pair comes up with an idea for a flavor, they look for the best ingredients possible. They only use organic, GMO-free nuts, and source as much as possible from small, family-run businesses. After nailing the recipe after repeated test batches, they’re ready to produce over a hundred jars at a time. (No surprise, their least favorite part of the process is cleaning up.)

Each spread’s fantastically silly name and cool-looking label is luckily matched by incomparable, crazy-delicious taste. Now, we're the one's experimenting in the kitchen, playing around with all the awesome (and easy!) uses for these untraditional nut butters. 

How easy is it to get from an idea to a finished flavor? 

Oh man, we had a coconut curry flavor on the back burner for MONTHS and we were sure it would be an immediate hit.  But even Jon refused to try it, it was so bad. But this only inspires us to revisit and make it amazing! 

Couples therapy moment?

Jonny staged a one-man walk out after I made him label 60 jars when we got home at 2am. Lessons were learned by both parties. 

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