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Crown Maple

Robb Turner's a West Point alum, but just because he's a tough, military-disciplined guy doesn't mean he's not totally sweet. In fact, to look at it, his whole life is sugary: he found a picturesque pastoral paradise in New York's Hudson River Valley, built a farm there, and named it after his two daughters, Maddie and Ava. Can you get any sweeter than that? Well, the answer is yes: just devote your whole farm to producing the sweetest, "purest maple syrup on earth." 

Robb's countryside yearnings stem from his childhood, when he spent summers frolicking in the woods of his family's farm in Illinois. As the man of the house, he wanted the same thing for his own children. Madava Farms materialized, in the form of breathtaking landscapes, teeming trout streams, and patchwork forests and fields in an area whose majestic geography earns it the apt title of Dutchess County. Madava Farms just so happened to host 800 acres of century-old sugar and red maples in soil and seasonal weather perfectly calibrated to produce a superior sap for maple sugaring. 

With his wife Lydia, Robb took advantage of this by building the country's most advanced maple syrup production facility or "sugarhouse," in Dover Plains, New York. The Turners sustainably manage the maple groves, collect the pristine sap, and move it through the sugarhouse using organic, green processes to yield superlative syrup. Robb loves that it's a way to respect and utilize nature's bounty without disturbing wildlife or the habitat, and Lydia loves exploring all the different ways to use maple syrup in cooking. The Turners' maple syrup company, Crown Maple, also exists to help other local landowners protect their maple groves.

Addictive maple syrup that doesn't disturb the surrounding nature? Sweet.

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