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Uncle Andy's Jerky

Uncle Andy (Andrew Hanenberg, whose friends’ children were calling him "Uncle" before he actually became one) had never been a big fan of jerky. But when he found himself with a credit at a local hardware store and, consequently became the owner of a shiny new meat slicer, Andy tried his hand at homemade beef jerky.

But he knew he didn’t want to make just any ol’ flavor – the industry is pretty well stocked with teriyaki, "hot" peppered or “original.” Andy looked at cuisines around the world and wondered why jerky flavors couldn’t be just as complex. He turned back to America and found regional inspiration for his first flavors: Tex’s Tangy BBQ, Lumberjack Maple Bourbon, Southern Gent Lemon Mint, and Bandito Loco Spicy Coffee.

Andy strives to use what he calls "honest ingredients" – ingredients that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, accessible and not prohibitively costly.

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