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Early Bird Foods & Co.

Nekisia Davis once managed one of our favorite pizzerias here in Brooklyn – franny’s – and somehow still found time in her 60-hour workweek to bake, bag and sell granola. She found pretty instant success at the nearby Brooklyn Flea market, reaching food industry stars both local and national.

Since 2014, Early Bird Foods & Co. has been churning out granola and granola bars in their huge space outfitted with massive ovens in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood. Nekisia tries to source locally or nationally when possible – maple syrup from New Hampshire, oats from Midwestern fields. Inside their Brooklyn kitchen, Early Bird toasts, hand-mixes, rolls, bakes, cools, hand-cuts and hand-packages everything (in resealable bags, to boot!).

Every Friday evening, Nekisia and her wonder team sit down for a round of drinks and a little non-granola talk. We’d sure like to be a part of that happy hour!

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