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June Taylor Jams

British-born June Taylor is a keeper of the old ways. A perfectionist. And thank goodness for that. In her workshop in an industrial neighborhood of Berkeley, California (yes, even Berkeley has an industrial area), Taylor transforms fruits at the height of their sweetness into floral, bright, and positively delicious treats. Her marmalades, made with uncommon citrus fruits like rangpur limes or the so-coveted, bitter bergamot, are storied and sought after. Her candied peels are glistening shards of winter bounty, artfully preserved and never overly sugared. 

Working directly with farms, most of which are in Northern California, Taylor sources mostly organic fruit, and always the very best for use in her preserves, seeking out heirloom and rare varieties. “We hope to revive the tastes of our collective pasts. These fruits, once commonly grown and available, are now rare and almost extinct. Supporting the farmers who grow them helps to ensure that these varieties of fruit will not be lost.” 

The precious fruits are then hand-sliced and cooked on a stove top in small copper pans that yield batches of just 8 to 10 jars. She adds minimal amounts of sugar and never any commercial pectin. Leftover peels are candied, so there is almost no waste. 

Fruits are treasured in June Taylors’ world, evident with each bite. “Capturing these tastes is the craft of our business.”

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