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Nothin' But

Westport, Connecticut-based maker Jerri Graham is completely commited to making her snack bars a step above every other bar on the market – and whatever you do, don’t call them granola bars. After being disappointed by all the commercial snack bars on the market – sticky sweet, made without organic ingredients and with almost nothing other than oats – Graham set out to make her own. 

With super-nutritious, whole organic oats as her blank slate, she jumped into the kitchen and got cooking. She created bars plentiful with raw nuts, dried cherries, cranberries, lemon zest, ginger, lemon oil and anything else you might imagine. “I just kept playing around in my kitchen, sometimes through the night. At one point I had 69 different flavors of bars.” Clearly she’d found her medium, but needed a little help streamlining. 

Enter Steven Laitmon, a fellow Westportian, who tasted the bars at a cafe one day and immediately offered to help her grow the company. Since then, they’ve pared the collection down to seven bars (give or take, there’s always wiggle room for seasonality and creativity) and they’re even in talks with La Pain Quotidien to create a special line just for them. 

“It’s really about putting some quality into what you’re doing,” says Graham. “I believe in karmic repercussions. When people spend their money, they should get real quality in return. That’s really where the name Nothin’ But came from. There’s nothing but good stuff in there.” 

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