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Eden Ice Cider Company

In the fall of 2006, during a trip to Montreal in Quebec, Canada, Eleanor (a Vermonter) and Albert (a French Canadian) sipped on a cool apple liqueur known as ice cider and thought, Why don’t we make this on our side of the border? Ice cider fit perfectly into their longstanding dream of operating an apple orchard, pressing cider and making some sort of delicious fermented beverage. The following spring, they bought an abandoned dairy farm in West Charleston, Vermont, and have since planted more than 1,000 apple trees.

Alongside their highly successful ice ciders, the Légers have started a line of concentrated aperitif ciders, made with locally grown apples and herbs. They’re just as tasty drunk solo, over ice, or mixed into creative cocktails.

Fun fact: Eden was the first American ice cider maker with a federally approved label!