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Sigmund's is a pretzel bakery run by Lina Kulchinsky in the East Village of New York City. She's a former lawyer turned pastry chef, and a veteran of Jean-Georges and Bouley.  

Sigmund's pretzels are made in the most traditional way, the way pretzels were made for centuries in Germany. The dough is fermented overnight, rolled by hand and baked fresh daily.  But the flavors and texture are very NYC 21st century – influenced by The Mediterranean, Latin, Russian cuisines, and not bound by tradition whatsoever!

Whatever is not sold is then sliced, seasoned with garlic oil, salt, pepper and smoked paprika and toasted till golden. All flavors of soft savory pretzels go into the mix.

Lina finds it amazing that people like her still go into the food business – fully aware of the long hours, low chance of financial security and crazy competition. "It's outright silly, funny and life affirming!"

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