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Tumbador Chocolate

Tumbador Chocolate is under the direction of Jean-Francois Bonnet who worked at New York's restaurant Daniel. His former boss, Daniel Boulud said that Bonnet had "the technique of an artisan and the creativity of an artist. He combines it with simplicity and respect for delicate flavors and textures."

While that was said over a decade ago, his company reflects that description. Tumbador creates a huge range of delicious chocolates and other sweets and snacks made with great ingredients. They also have a very special and diverse staff, many of whom are given a second chance through community based programs such as Strive, Goodwill and The Fortune Society. 

Every ingredient used in Tumbador®Chocolate is certified Earth Kosher Dairy. They make both dairy and non-dairy products, produced in separate facilities in their Brooklyn factory.


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