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New Grounds Food


Johnny Farad and Ali Kothari were both freshmen in the business school at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, when they started asking, “Why can’t we eat our coffee?” See, they were tired of waking up super early without time for breakfast and essential caffeination (hey, just like us!), and rushing straight to a complicated accounting class. They needed a way to jump-start their days on-the-go without sacrificing nutrition and lasting brain power.

The university’s Spring 2013 Husky Startup Challenge presented them with a way to bring their idea to life. Their flagship product, the anything-but-textbook CoffeeBar, started in their dorm room with fair-trade coffee and 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free ingredients. The bars won over the audience at the startup challenge, and won Johnny and Ali a $500 prize.

After a super-successful Kickstarter campaign that raised their initial goal of $10,000 in just under 15 hours and a total of over $44,000 in 44 days, enabling New Grounds Food to scale up and to start working with non-profit Project Alianza and source coffee directly from farming families in need of educational support and supplies.

Talk about making good use of your education! 

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