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Boundary Breaks

Since its first plantings in 2009, Boundary Breaks has been making only Riesling wines. Single-vineyard and single-clone Riesling. Why? They say: “Because we only want to do one thing, very, very well.”

Because the Finger Lakes region of New York is cool and ideal for growing aromatic white wines, they’ve come to learn a lot about how each Riesling clone behaves and how it should be managed to reach its full potential. With such a hyper-focus on doing one wine really well, employees hand-pick all grapes to select fruit at optimum sugar and acidity levels. By having such a broad spectrum to choose from, they can produce Rieslings that range from very dry to very sweet. They make just one multiple-clone wine designed to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Thousands of years ago, glacial runoff in the Finger Lakes cut deep channels, or breaks, into the landscape. Boundary Breaks’ 120 acres are lined with just such breaks, where water still runs through and supports unique vegetation and micro-climates.