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Red Car Wine

Sonoma County’s King Ridge Road will lead you to Red Car Wine, a road where the site of fog from the Pacific Ocean mingling with giant redwood trees and sunshine inspired a harmony with nature that Los Angeles-based founders Carroll Kemp, Mark Estrin (now deceased) and Richard Crowell couldn’t resist. They quickly became devoted to cool-climate wines, with their first wine made in 2000 – just 50 cases, made from a single ton of purchased grapes. Now they focus on Pinot Noir, Cardonnay and Syrah grapes.

Red Car Wine integrates the organic, biodynamic and permaculture systems into their growing practices, allowing place (essentially, the soil of the West Sonoma Coast) to express itself and its story without manipulation. Growing small lots in nine separate estates, all with unique elevations and distances from the Pacific Ocean, Red Car ensures consistent flavors from each vineyard, year after year, that are affected only by changes in weather.

A 2012 Pinot Noir from the Doc’s Ranch estate will taste quite different from the vintage out of the Hagan lots. We love being able to taste each distinct area, while also appreciating the nuance created by blending multiple lots together.

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