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Craig Kanarick

Craig Kanarick, an entrepreneur in the early days of the internet, was visiting the design firm of a friend who had a breakfast cereal client. The conference room was set up with huge boards. Breakfast cereal of every size, color, texture, grain, etc were glued onto the boards in neat grid-like rows. It was a complete taxonomy of cereal, which Craig found shockingly beautiful.

On his way back to the office, Craig stopped for some candy and took a closer look a the tiny, jewel-like objects. He thought, someone had the job of deciding how big to make a gummy bear's ears. 

He started obsessively researching candy, ordering candy, finding out more about how candy was designed - and asked a photographer to take some still-life photographs...but it was too expensive. So the photographer told him what to do - buy a light box, some lights, a new camera lens. And Craig began transforming hand-picking candy, much of it from Holland or Japan, into fine art.

A few friends loved Craig's art so much that they became his first collectors. Word got out to Dylan's Candy Bar, which then displayed 30 original pieces at the already-colorful 3rd Avenue store in Craig's debut New York City gallery show.

If you hadn't realized it, Craig's our CEO at Mouth, and for us he's created a line of cards using pieces from the collection, only available here. 

Craig's favorites treats are candies with tiny little balls on the outside - non-pareils, German raspberries, etc. He loves crunch followed by something that gives.