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Field Trip

Tom Donigan, Scott Fiesinger, and Matt Levey were on a Vermont ski lift in 2005, chewing on jerky they’d just picked up at a local place that sold not much more than beer, guns and jerky. It was so tasty, they wondered why they’d never had anything like it before.

The answer, which they found out once they got down the hill, has to do with water – the more water in jerky, the better the flavor, the more likely it is to spoil, the less likely it’ll get USDA approval (hence, Slim Jim). The friends decided to develop something better.

Jerky is one of the oldest methods of preserving food (as early as ancient Egypt). Field uses high-quality top round lean beef sourced within 150 miles of New York City (where they work), sliced into large strips, marinated and rubbed with seasonings in a vacuum tumbler. The strips are laid out on a rack and placed into a dehydrator. The finished product is chopped up and bagged.

So now this lawyer, business development manager and private equity manager are staying up all night, trying to balance their day jobs and build the brand. On weekends, they ride their bikes around signing up new accounts (like us!), checking on their stores and hosting tastings.

They have been particularly blown away by the response from the ladies, who are not the typical jerky fans, but Field is different. Perhaps it’s the high-protein low-insulin no-nitrates no-MSG recipe along with the distinctive flavor – a great between-meal snack for everyone.