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P&H Soda

Anton Nocito, a chef and butcher who worked in some great restaurants, started mixing his own soda syrups from natural ingredients in 2009. They were so yum, his wife Erica talked him into selling some at the Greenpoint Food Market. Things started bubbling and in 2010 Anton quit his regular job to focus on soda making full-time.

Anton makes and bottles everything by hand in small batches. Fresh fruits get juiced, zested, steeped and then combined with sugar to transform into syrup. All his ingredients are pure and organic, such as the spices and hibiscus from Mountain Rose Herbs or the Hawaiian ginger, even the sugar.

So, when you read Anton’s labels, you can actually understand what soda is made from (as opposed to the mystifying list on the back of a regular can). Speaking of the labels, his are designed by Erica who owns a letterpress card company, Pumpkin and Honey Bunny (P&H soda – ah, now we get it).

“Soda should be special,” Anton says “Coke and Pepsi killed it for everyone.”

Anton’s dream is to own an old-fashioned soda fountain luncheonette. In the meantime, he’s trying to produce more beverage “without the bad stuff.”