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Z Crackers

It’s been a long road to Z.

Keith Pollack was a recording engineer and wife Pam a graphic designer. In 1980 they started making specialty pizzas from home in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn that sold well in New York at places like Zabars and Dean and Deluca. The two and their pies were going strong as “The Savory Pie Company” by the end of the decade.

Pam and Keith started messing around with their signature pizza dough, which is made with cornmeal and bran. They rolled it out ultra-thin, put on various schmears and baked ‘til crisp. They couldn’t stop eating these crackers, and wound up stopping all pizza production by 2007 to devote themselves to Z Crackers full-time.

Why Z? Keith’s French stepmother owned an inn and asked for a vanity license plate that said “THE INN.” Instead, she got “Z INN.” It was cute, memorable and simple. Pam used her design background to create a bold identity for Z packaging.

But most of their time is spent in the kitchen. "We're constantly reading, cooking and experimenting," Pam says, "It's a passion."

Living Z life.