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Avery and Janet Glasser loved a good cocktail – whether they were sitting on stools as customers or mixing it up behind the bar. Avery (a reformed technology exec) and Janet (who worked in finance) were invited in 2007 to a gin distillery, where they were taught how to make bitters themselves.

They shared their experimental bottles with friends. One particular bartender from Mexico commented that he didn’t think bitters went well with tequila. The Glassers thought about the dark, bitter chocolate flavor of mole sauce and got down to it, macerating a high proof spirit with variety of herbs, peels and spices – and created the prototype for Xocolatl Mole Bitters. Since then, they've branched out into specialty liqueurs, teaming up with Mayur Subbarao, whose homemade vermouths and liqueurs were generating tons of buzz. Together, they've created a line of liqueurs with distinctive twists on regional European classics.

The Glassers used to work in Dumbo (yay, neighbors) and are now having fun in their new New Orleans space and are working with local barkeeps to brainstorm new recipes for the cocktail scene. We'll miss enjoying a good, inspired drink after work.

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