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Cocktail Kingdom

Ten years ago, even professional bartenders had a heck of a time finding quality tools of the trade. Many bars stocked vintage supplies, not just for the "trendy" look, but also because those were the only high-quality shakers, mixing glasses, strainers and punch bowls. Happily, all that has changed, and Greg Boehm of Cocktail Kingdom has done more than almost anyone to make the very best bar tools, glassware and bar books available to professional and amateur bartenders alike. First, Boehm and company imported the best they could find, and now they're adding their own line of innovative tools.

We're excited to be able to share a couple of our favorite products, including the amazing Koriko Hawthorne strainer designed by Don Lee, who made a name for himself behind the bars at PDT and Momofuku. Currently, Lee and Boehm are also partners behind the Lower East Side classic cocktail bar, The Boilermaker. 

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