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Idlewild Winery

Sam Bilbro grew up hanging out in an old cow barn converted into a winery. His dad would walk the vineyards with him and share tastes of various grape blends. Years later during his time working in restaurants, he was exposed to even more wines from around the world, but the wines of Italy’s Piedmont region really stayed with him.

In 2012, he started Idlewild Winery in a converted concrete warehouse in Healdsburg, California. And nowadays he’s walking with his own kids, Emilia and Hudson, walking the rows at the different Northern California vineyards where Idlewild sources its grapes. Those vineyards are carefully selected to meet requirements in climate, varietal, soil, vine age and vineyard practice, plus compelling soul, balance and quality.

Sam and Idlewild are a driving force behind the Seven Percent Solution, a movement that highlights the 7% of California vineyard acreage that isn't planted to the eight most common grape varieties. We think there are some pretty exciting wines to be discovered in that 7%! Small has never been so big.

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