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Granola Lab

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Alex Crosier started making granola when a friend started raving about how good his girlfriend’s was. Alex thought – I can make granola too!

A neuroscience major in college (before a last minute switch to French), she was excited to notice the connection between cooking and lab work – that the kitchen can be a place where, through trial and error, delicious things are perfected. Hence, “Granola Lab.”

Though her business is really a one-woman show, Alex now mixes in the company of other small food business makers in a huge, light-filled group kitchen on the top floor of a Sunset Park, Brooklyn warehouse. She’s willing to put up with some minor turf wars in exchange for the inspiration and connections that come with sharing a communal space.

The oats, nuts, seeds and most of Alex’ ingredients are all organic, which costs more, but she believes is worth it. Her favorite ingredient is coffee – she’s addicted to the smell (who isn’t?).

She’s hoping to eventually turn this into a full-time business, but, in the meantime, Alex keeps her day job as part-time librarian and adjunct at NYU.

A librarian who makes granola – how much more granola can you get? We love it.

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