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Plum Tree Jam

This is one maker story that is near and dear to Mouth's heart. Jam-maker Miranda Rake made her first batch of jam to solve an age-old problem: too much ripe fruit! The plum tree in her mother's backyard produced this bumper crop (hence "Plum Tree Jam"), but as much fun as jam-making was, Miranda had a long way to go before she'd realize her destiny as a professional preserver.

In 2009 she moved to NYC to start NYU's Masters in Food Studies program, and in 2012, she joined the team at a very small start-up, now known as We like to think that Miranda's days writing about small batch makers like Laena McCarthy of Anarchy in a Jar, Sabrina Valle and Jessica Quon of the Jam Stand, and Dan Barber of Blue Hill played a small role in germinating that jam-maker seed within.

Portland (ah, Portland) and her jam pot were quietly calling, and in early 2013 Miranda moved home. This time, though, she turned her attention to berries (Interesting fact: There is no plum jam at Plum Tree Jam. It's an ethos!). Miranda became quietly obsessed with preserving the bounty of Portland's short spring and summer seasons, and like so many makers before her, she found herself slowly slipping from a passionate hobbyist to a pro. The accolades quickly followed: mentions in Food & Wine Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, and in January of 2015, a well-deserved Good Food Award for her Tayberry Jam. 

We are entirely thrilled to say "we knew her when..." Jam on, Miranda, Jam on.