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Naked Bacon

What is “naked” bacon? Exactly what you’re thinking – bacon made without nitrates, nitrites, chemical solutions, phosphates or water filler. And John Kreilich has been sticking to the basics since 1861, when his great-grandfather August Kreilich immigrated to Missouri from Germany. As far as Naked Bacon’s concerned, they think “those –ates and –ites can go –uck themselves.”

Naked Bacon dry-cures each batch by hand for at least seven days, using a secret blend of herbs and spices, and smoke it slowly over different woods that are chosen specifically to add more depth of flavor. They’ve even gone a step further and created incredibly tasty bacons that don’t even have added sugar.

Need another reason to be impressed? A portion of proceeds from each bacon sale is donated to charities, such as the World Food Program USA.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Crowder and Ladue News.

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