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1732 Meats

Ari Miller was making bacon and cooking it up for his family (wife Elise and daughters Pearl and Sasha) for years before he was able to turn it into a business. After going to law school, deciding becoming a lawyer was the exact opposite of his dream career, and skipping the bar exam altogether, Ari decided to think a bit more about what he really wanted to do. The answer: BACON. Yes, he turned to making bacon for the local Lansdowne farm market in Pennsylvania.

Ari uses heritage breed pigs (primarily Berkshire) that have retained their natural characteristics like sweeter flavor and ideal fat marbling, and have been raised without hormones or antibiotics. Once homemade bacon took hold, 1732 Meats expanded into pancetta, guanciale, lonza and more exceptional cured pork products.

Why 1732? That's the year the family's house was built, and it was actually the original farmhouse for the 470-acre farm that became modern Lansdowne. Preserving history and delicious pork? Sign us up!

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