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Vinca Minor

Winemaker Jason Edward Charles took the long way round to a career in winemaking, but once he figured out it was what he wanted to do, he wasted no time. He spent a few years after college working as a photographer in the US, Mexico, and Europe and caught the wine bug waiting tables in New York City restaurants. After landing a harvest internship, he moved to Northern California, where he worked the fields to learn every possible aspect of the winemaking craft. From there, Charles headed to France to further his studies in wine.

Upon his return to the United States, Jason worked at some of Napa’s most renowned wineries, establishing Vinca Minor in 2013 to “explore the intersection between farmer, winemaker and artist.” He believes in organic farming, and attempts to make the wines as naturally as possible, always working with indigenous yeast, never filtering or fining, and racking only once before bottling. For him “this is how each wine will speak in its purest form of varietal and vineyard.”

In 2014 he released his first public wine offering, limiting each to a very small number of cases.

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