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Sosu Sauces

It's not totally obvious how a corporate software engineer winds up leaving her job to make delicious spicy sauces for a living. But in hindsight, Lisa Murphy's transition seems almost inevitable.

Lisa moved with her family from China to California when she was just 9 years old. For a time, one of the only places Lisa truly felt comfortable was in the kitchen with her aunt, who would recreate the memories of Lisa's childhood through the smells and tastes of the dishes she made.

Fast-forward a number of years, and Lisa got a chance to take a three-month trip as a volunteer English teacher through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. She ate many meals with her student's families and was blown away by the incredible dishes cooked on wood-burning stoves, making every single element from scratch. 

Those experiences inspired her to create her first sauce: Srirachup. She sees it as a delicious blend of her heritage – ketchup actually originated in China, and sriracha is both an important Asian ingredient and a modern American staple. It was such a hit that Lisa was able to leave her corporate job and start making (and selling) her sauces full time. We are so glad she did!