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Olli Salumeria Americana

Sometimes all it takes to start a great business is one fortuitous conversation and a little bit of patience. Chip Vosmik was having a glass of wine with his good friend Olli Colmignoli. At the time, Olli was working in Virginia for the United States subsidiary of a salami company his grandfather had founded in Italy (aka a REALLY big company). Chip asked Olli why he always brought him salami made in Italy, rather than the salami the company made locally — wasn't it just as good? Olli, who'd been born and raised in Rome, admitted it wasn't, because it was impossible to get pork in the United States that was as good as what they used in Italy.

Chip had an idea — he would secure the highest quality, pasture-raised pork he could find in the South and Olli should try making prosciutto and salami. Chip tracked down pigs that were humanely pasture raised, free of growth hormones and antibiotics and fed an all-organic diet. Olli put his salami-making skills to work, and then they waited. And waited. And waited. Making great salami takes a long time!

A year and a half later, when the prosciutto was ready, they had a party to unveil it. The reaction was so enthusiastic, that they decided to start a business. They've expanded from prosciutto to include several kinds of salami, including their mini salami which are unique and totally delicious! 

The secrets to their success? Olli's talent for salami-making, their dedication to sourcing healthy, happy pigs, and a whole lot of patience. 

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