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Metro Chai

Much like the expertly blended chai teas and honey they create, Russell Moss and Michael Uman are the perfect complementary combination: with Russell's extensive culinary background as a sought-after New York City executive chef and Michael's illustrious career as an NYC creative director and entrepreneur, the "Chai Guys" are the perfect team to tackle the artisanal food game.

The idea for Metro Chai started brewing when Russell hit rock bottom with his crippling coffee addiction. He had to find a new fix – one that wouldn't be as rough on his body, and maybe even impart some added health benefits. He started to get hooked on chai. But the big-name chain chai he was sipping got his chef senses tingling: something wasn't quite right. That chai was mainly sugar disguised by sparse powdered cinnamon and cardamom. He became disenchanted, searching for a chai to suit his demanding tastebuds, but to no avail. So, doing what he does best, Russell decided to just create his own – after much research, experimenting and taste-testing, of course.

Metro Chai refers to their chai's special brand of dynamic healthiness as "synergy" – and that's what the company itself has, too. Michael came on board to oversee the launch, sales and brand awareness, making sure that Russell's spectacular chai gets the attention it deserves. Russell, meanwhile, focused on coming up with new delicious products, like their "Allergy Attack" granulated honey and fennel pollen and "Truffleupagus" granulated honey and truffle oil. Together in the teeming artisanal promised land of Brooklyn, New York, they've established quite the bold presence – no wonder they chose the elephant as their mascot. We can testify, their products have the flavor to match.