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Peak Spirits Farm Distillery

Peak Spirits started distilling their signature CapRock organic spirits and biodynamic grappa, wine and cider in 2005. Their distillery is part of the certified organic Jack Rabbit Hill Farm in Hotchkiss, Colorado. They've already gotten a nod from the James Beard Foundation and won the 2012 Good Food Award in the gin and vodka categories. But that early success didn't go to their heads – instead, it just reassured them that they were going down the right path. 

The 70-acre Jack Rabbit Hill Farm hosts the Peak Spirits Distillery, along with owners Anna and Lance Hanson and Alex Quiones, and 11 acres of hops, pastures, wildlife margins, cows, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats and a winery. There, they practice biodynamic farming, the "deep organic" farming system developed by Rudolph Steiner in the early 1920s. Farming and growing are their main passions – wine- and spirit-crafting serves simply to "pay for the habit," according to Lance. It's one of 39 farms nationwide to be certified organic and biodynamic by Demeter USA, which means the makers take extra care to ensure a "spiritual-ethical-ecological" approach to agriculture and production. 

Owner Lance Hanson and his wife Anna were inspired by the area's natural bounty and by the European "farm distillery model" where farms used their fruit to make brandies. They installed a pot-still and started with brandies before quickly expanding into vodka and gin. 

Peak Spirits uses unfiltered spring water from beneath the volcanic gap of Grand Mesa to reduce their 170-proof base spirits to around 80-proof in the final product. We think the pure mountain water and distilled fruit and other botanicals lend a distinct flavor to the final product.

And when makers care as passionately about every ingredient and step in the process as Anna, Lance and Alex, you know you're going to get something pretty incredible in the bottle. 

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