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Salinia Wine Company

The history of Salinia is a tale that could only have been shaped by someone enchanted with history itself – and more specifically, the history of winemaking.

From a young age, Kevin Kelley loved to read, and devoured stories of local history, especially those concerning early winemaking in his own hometown of San Jose, California at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains. He read "Like Modern Edens" by Charles Sullivan and knew he wanted in on this noble, yet surprisingly humble, tradition. 

Winemaking wasn't the only youthful passion Kavin committed to. He met his wife, Jennifer, in the third grade! They fell in love in high school, and ultimately got engaged in the vineyards of Sonoma in 1996. It was then and there that the seeds of a shared passion for winemaking were planted, and the couple decided to take the necessary steps to pursue it.

After receiving a Viticulture and Enology degree from U.C. Davis, Kevin moved with Jennifer to Burgundy, France to study the philosophy and tradition of classical winemaking. He worked with the masters, honing his craft until his return to California to work at Custom Crush and brush shoulders with several top-notch California winemakers. As a Cal Berkeley graduate, Jennifer worked in the business world developing her management, sales and marketing skills.

The two had the perfect toolkit to found Salinia Wine Company, which they did in 2003, starting with small batches of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from choice vineyards on the Sonoma Coast. By 2006, they'd moved into their own winery and had their first child, Kian. The Salinia vineyard site is, appropriately, "saline" or oceanic in nature, with cold marine fog and wind and prehistoric sea bed soil – all of which contributes to Salinia's wine's distinctive character.

As a micro-winery, Salinia produces just 6000 bottles a year, which are only available through their mailing list and a few select restaurants – so we feel incredibly lucky to be able to share a bit of this tasty history-in-the-making.

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